Transcending the Daily to Maintain a Positive Vibe

Transcending the Daily to Maintain a Positive Vibe

Being a Positive Women is not always easy but it does not mean we should not aspire, inspire and grow for the ultimate glow up, the one that really matters and leaves a lasting impression on the lives of others. What this demands ultimately is an unmovable disposition and enduring perspective geared toward optimism so that when challenges appear we approach them with a level head and have enough clarity to see the lessons we can extract from them.

What we must first be aware of is our natural tendencies, which entails a ruthless edit, to gain a just perspective. In the words of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer “When we change the way we look at the things the things we look at will change.” We have a tug of war with the mind that is set in its ways, and the ultimate battle is catching yourself before the act.

How many times have we complained about minor inconveniences that others would be grateful to have because the conveniences of life have become so commonplace, that entitlement creeps into us like the air we respire. Let us continue to be grateful for every breath we breathe in and may that bring us closer to the positive vibes we wish to embody.

May we experience a continual evolution into vibrant beings and may all positive women unite.

Stay Blessed

Positive Women United