Meet Our Volunteers

Tori Samuels

Tori Samuels is a 16 year old  volunteer at Positive Women United. She is an honor roll student who wants to pursue her career in being a crime scene investigator. She discovered this organization when looking for somewhere that she can help out and make a difference in the community. She loves and enjoys traveling. It has taken her to 80+ cities in 25 countries. She is happiest when she can assist those who are less fortunate. These trips have helped her, from a young age, become more tolerant of other cultures and become an advocate for making the world a better place. She is also an avid Travel Blogger who writes about her travel experiences and advice. At Positive Women’s United, she utilizes her web design, poster development skills and was instrumental in the group’s Women Empowerment Virtual Event.

Olivia Scott 

Olivia Scott is a 16 year old volunteer and student athlete who strives for excellence in both academics and extracurriculars. Aspiring to be a medical professional, she hopes to learn from other female empowered role models in Positive Women United, as well as give back to the organization by working towards true gender equality and female leadership. “Young girls must have role models to motivate and inspire them, especially when faced with self-confidence issues implemented by gender stereotypes and other social obstacles. I am very excited to take part in the mission of Positive Women United”.