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Michelle U. Brown

Author of Finding My Voice Through The Words Of My Father

Michelle U. Brown debuts her first book "Finding My Voice Through The Words Of My Father." This is a book about forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.

Finding My Voice Through The Words Of My Father

"The story behind me writing my debut book Finding My Voice Through The Words Of My Father, is one of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. My father has been deceased for ten years and although we went through a process of forgiveness and reconciliation. It was only a short six years that we were able to enjoy each other. My dad became addicted to drugs in the early 80’s in Harlem and it caused him to be abusive and also took him away from the family. He abandoned me for his drug habit. He passed away in 2011. Since his passing I realized that I was holding onto so much guilt and grief because I did not forgive myself for holding onto the unforgiveness towards him for so long. I felt as though if I would have forgiven sooner we would have had more time together. I also held onto guilt of the abandonment and the bad choices I made in my relationships. God begin to deal with me over the years and led me to read letters and poems that my father written to me during his incarceration. The Holy Spirt inspired me to respond poetically to his letters and poems in the way that I felt at the time he wrote them. This and much prayer throughout the process helped me release my pain, anger, rejection and hurt created from abandonment and his drug addiction. Forgiving my father, myself and writing this book has given me my authentic voice and has allowed me to see myself as Christ sees me and not as the circumstances I was born into."


- Michelle U. Brown, on how she came to write this book.


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